OK – I desperately need a new dresser. My current dresser is wicker, with somewhat wobbly drawers, many of which (along with the knobs) have been chewed by my dog. Are you envisioning this gem right now? K. Needless to say, it’s time for a new one! However, I’m on a severe budget right now – I’m moving apartments, into a one-bedroom from a three-bedroom with two roommates, so not much extra money to spare. All that said, I think this little dresser project will fit that budget perfectly! I haven’t bought the supplies yet, but I’m guestimating the cost to be about $60 in total. I’m going to paint a little wooden Ikea dresser a dark gray color and add some brass detailing to make it look a little nicer. Here are some pictures for my inspiration – and I’ll be posting my own pictures after I complete! (P.S. – a lot of my inspiration came from The Little Green Notebook blog, if you haven’t ever visited it – do it NOW! I read it daily)

The actual dresser, folks
Love the brass detailing here
This is the exact same Ikea dresser as above! Crazy, huh?
Color inspiration
Color + details

Chevron Tray

I first tried this project as a Christmas gift for my aunt, and I liked it so much that I’m going to make more! I bought an inexpensive wooden tray ($10) at TJ Maxx and painted on gold chevron stripes. These would make great gifts or a convenient catch-all on a kitchen counter! My inspiration stemmed from this little beaut on Pinterest:

And I was off to Michael’s to buy painter’s tape, gold paint, paint brushes and shellac! Costs total between $20-$25. Let the crafting begin:

I printed off my inspiration tray to use as a guideline. From there, I copied the chevron pattern onto the tray with the tape. Next…

Paint away! Make sure the tape is pressed down firmly so you have straight, clean lines. I applied two coats of paint, waiting a couple hours in between. Once the paint was completely dry, I peeled off the tape, and…

Voila! A lovely, gold + stripe tray. Gift and keep as you please.


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