Chevron Tray

27 Mar

I first tried this project as a Christmas gift for my aunt, and I liked it so much that I’m going to make more! I bought an inexpensive wooden tray ($10) at TJ Maxx and painted on gold chevron stripes. These would make great gifts or a convenient catch-all on a kitchen counter! My inspiration stemmed from this little beaut on Pinterest:

And I was off to Michael’s to buy painter’s tape, gold paint, paint brushes and shellac! Costs total between $20-$25. Let the crafting begin:

I printed off my inspiration tray to use as a guideline. From there, I copied the chevron pattern onto the tray with the tape. Next…

Paint away! Make sure the tape is pressed down firmly so you have straight, clean lines. I applied two coats of paint, waiting a couple hours in between. Once the paint was completely dry, I peeled off the tape, and…

Voila! A lovely, gold + stripe tray. Gift and keep as you please.


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